The Service Industry
Needs Your Help

Virtual tip jars are popping up around the country because we know the value of good service.

A warm smile. A friendly face. Someone to lean on in times of stress. Or cheer in times of joy.

In the current pandemic, the people you rely on week-in and week-out are now unemployed. The service industry accounts for over millions of employees in the U.S. workforce across many lines of work. From bartenders to security, entertainers to production assistants, the odds are extremely high you know someone directly affected by the country’s decisions to furlough or lay off employees.

While this is not another prohibition of drinking or smoking, the governments have enacted a prohibition from meetings and gatherings. This impacts more than social hangouts with close friends.

Bartenders, bar backs, servers, and security personnel cannot clock in. Guest service members, audio and visual crews, stagehands, riggers and performers cannot put on a show. Construction crew cannot build their projects on time. Nurses and EMTs are overburdened.

Nobody should be as monetarily vulnerable in our working society as those who serve others. And to face a months-long reality, that the cash they made on their last day of work is all they have, is a tough pill to swallow. Often the first to close and last top open, instead of waiting until a state agency suddenly becomes benevolent or until that GoFundMe finally pays out, use this #VirtualTipInitiative to help your local service workers.